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Grand Riviera Cruise

ATHENS to MALAGA: 30th October 2018 / 11 days from £2,250

ATHENS to MALAGA: 30th October 2018 / 11 days

Where else in the world could you go on a cruise that not only takes you to fascinating ports of call, but allow us to turn back the hands of time to sail aboard a real ship, with a crowd of people you will really enjoy.

The good old days… RMS Ruahine, mid Pacific

In this modern maritime world of massive cruise ships crammed full with thousands of people, queuing for everything, its becoming increasingly difficult for us to arrange these unique cruises, cruises that allow us to turn back the hands of time and travel as we used to in the golden age of ocean travel, aboard much smaller ships, yet ships with so much individuality and joy.

Yes, we can enjoy tours to the historical sites that wait to greet us, for, if like me, these are places I used to read about in my school history books and always dreamt of actually being there, and come October the Med will be so less crowded with millions of tourists, so that’s great, but I’ll tell you what, it’s even better when after sightseeing or just wandering ashore, when returning to the ship, instead of having to take your place in the embarking queues, you find her there with open arms to welcome us back home, for home she is.

We also have four wonderful days at sea, days at sea that most of the giant cruise ships avoid like the plague, and yet for us, they are days to be loved and enjoyed… Days when we can socialise with other like-minded people, we can party, have great talks and shows, but also, just enjoy sitting on the open deck and listening to and watching the wonders of the open sea as by… I can hear it all now… Fantastic!

Athens - Santorini - Heraklion - Chania - Valletta - Catania - Palermo - Trapani - Malaga

Des Cox

As today… Good grief!

Usually, if passengers misbehave, the Captain orders that they be subjected to a talk or performance from me, Des Cox, and as it wouldn’t be Maritime Memories without us all having a fantastic time, I have also been asked to appear. So, let’s have a good old laugh as I take you through my own days at sea and tell you stories that I would never had dared tell my old Mum… No, no, no, nothing really rude, but us old seadogs used to get up to a few things I can tell you, and will!

But for all you people who just love ships and nostalgia, I will take you back to those wonderful years, to a time before computers and Iphones and all the other anti-social gadgets, to the age when we all talked to one another, an age before the Snowflakes and the seemingly endless noise of protestors… No, we’ll go back to what were for me and I’m sure for so many of you, the very best years of our lives, so let’s bring those years back and enjoy them all again. Plus all the other things we at Snowbow Maritime Memories will give you eg: Cocktail parties, film shows, special dinners where we set our Chef and staff a challenge to recreate a dinner as served aboard the famous liners of old such as the Queen Mary, Normandie, Canberra, Oriana, Dominion Monarch, Queen of Bermuda, Amazon, Windsor Castle… Yes, let’s go and have fun and oh, whilst we’re at it, let’s also have a few moments at least to enjoy some of that sunshine before the onset of winter… Great!


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Special Guest Speaker:
Captain Derrik Ian Richard Kemp, MN

Derrick Kemp’s career at sea commenced in 1957,when he joined the South African Training Ship General Botha at Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town. After successfully completing his two-year Merchant Navy Training Course in 1958, he joined the Ellerman and Hall Line of Liverpool as a Deck Apprentice.

On obtaining his Second Mate’s Certificate in Liverpool, he joined the South African Marine Corporation, serving aboard a variety of vessels. He was promoted to Master at the age of thirty three.

The company then commissioned the building of the cruise ship MV Astor in Kiel, Germany. Derrick was appointed Staff Captain/Master for the maiden voyage, and at the end of that voyage took command of the Astor until the vessel was sold to the Russian Black Sea Fleet in 1988.

Derrick continued to command passenger ships for more than two decades until his retirement in 2011, taking charge of MV Ocean Pearl, MV Caledonian Star, MV Saga Rose and MV Discovery, sailing all the great seas and cruise regions of the world.

With plenty of tales to tell of a life at sea, Derrick took up lecturing upon retirement, and speaks on topics including cruising the world, life aboard a cruise ship, navigation and rescue at sea.


Contact Des or Ulla today on 01273 585391 or 01273 584470.
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