Special Voyage to Russia

On May 11th this year we set sail from Portsmouth on a very special Maritime Memories voyage to Russia.

Snowbow archive footage (Snowbow archive footage)
On this special voyage we will pay tribute to and celebrate all those who served on those notorious WW2 Arctic Convoys.

Sadly, this will almost certainly be the vest last time we are able to do this in such a remarkable way. We are in talks with the Russian Government about our final preparations for a special “Arctic Convoy Day” to be staged during our stay in St. Petersburg, so we really would like you to join us on this historic voyage.

We already have well over a hundred ex seafarers and convoy interest people booked to come with us and with stops en-route for Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Berlin and a journey through the Kiel Canal, our three day stop in St. Petersburg will be an unrivalled highlight in what will be a most wonderful experience and, a wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable holiday cruise for all.

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Courtesy of Robert G. Lloyd (Courtesy of Robert G. Lloyd)

Finally, if you are in contact with any Arctic Convoy Veterans, we really would like them to be with us as well, for they are the main focal point and dare I say… the heroes of the occasion. We also would like as many other veterans from WW2 to come with us as well, for to us, they are all very special people.

We plan to televise the proceedings en-route, especially our “Arctic Convoy Day” in Russia, which we plan to incorporate into an update version of the Television documentary we made on that amazing voyage we made earlier to Murmansk.

Incidentally, that documentary – The Worst Journey in the World” – has received tremendous acclaim from all over the world and is largely responsible for the sudden media interest in the story of the “Arctic Convoys”. BBC Worldwide News broadcast extracts to a worldwide audience and now the edited television broadcast version is to be distributed internationally so it is something that we have achieved together and something we should all be extremely proud of. (We do have a limited number of DVDs of this amazing programme are available for you if you get in touch with us direct: 00 44 (0) 1273 585391/584470)

I know the Captain, officers and crew are really looking forward to having us all with them again, so come on, pack up those kit bags and hammocks and let’s set sail aboard the beautiful discovery, which is basically our very own Maritime Memories ship anyway!

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Discovery departing Portsmouth (Courtesy of David HutchingsDiscovery departing Portsmouth (Courtesy of David Hutchings

We will all have the time of our lives with special Maritime Memory receptions, parties and dinners and if you haven’t been with us before, well you really won’t find a better crowd to be with anywhere on earth… it truly is something quite unique and I know, will be the voyage of a lifetime. To help keep this voyage as a special memory for you, we have commissioned a special Maritime Memories Arctic Convoy Badge, which because of its very limited number we promise you, will become very collectable.

Please forward this to all your own contacts for it really is important to us that, because it will be the very last time, we are able to do this, we make the very most of it.

We can’t promise to take everyone as there is only limited space still available, so it will be on a first come basis, so if you haven’t booked already then call Des or Ulla on: 00 44 (0) 1273 585391 or 584470 or email us for a free brochure.

Des Cox
Maritime Memories/Snowbow Productions