Golden age of ocean travel

Turn back the hands of time and sail again as people used to do.

Dear Maritime Memories friend,

We are the only people in the world to offer these unique cruises, taking us on sea voyages aboard real ships, similar in size and as aesthetically pleasing, allowing us to enjoy life at sea as it was meant to be enjoyed, and not aboard huge floating blocks of flats full of thousands of people, that provide every kind of entertainment you could imagine, except the most important… just being able to sit on a wide open deck, listening to the soothing sounds of the passing ocean as the sun sinks majestically into the warmth of a tropical sea.

If I had a magic wand then I’m sure I would bring back so many of those magnificent ships that I personally knew so well during my days at sea, but no matter how hard I try, it just doesn’t work, but we can and do provide cruises that are pretty close, taking us on the most wonderfully relaxing voyages to really interesting places including those small, romantic ports that most large cruise ships of today just can’t get into. Plus, on these special voyages of Maritime Memories you honestly will have the holidays of a lifetime.

Magnificent painting by Robert G. Lloyd

These magnificent paintings by Robert G. Lloyd really help to bring back the wonderful memories so many of us have of those halcyon days, when every voyage was so full of adventure and excitement. When you come with us we will have all the old shipping company flags flying from the masthead, special dinners using menus from the great ocean liners of the past, maritime lectures, screenings of rare maritime films and parties, but all done at the sort of unhurried, leisurely pace of life we once so enjoyed.

Worked in the shore side offices, on the quaysides, aboard tugs, ship enthusiasts or if you just have wonderful memories of yesteryear and would like to capture the spirit and feel of those days once again, for all are welcome to join us and believe me… once up the gangway everyone comes together in one great big happy and very special family.

In July the magnificent Saga Sapphire is taking us to so many fascinating ports of call in the Baltic and in September to our old favourite the Mediterranean. So many of you have asked if we could transit the Suez Canal so that’s what we’re doing on the Aegean Odyssey in November. And guess what… they’re actually giving us the whole ship all to ourselves! So on with those boiler suits and uniforms, ready to set sail from Greece, down through the Canal and then on into the Red Sea and Indian Ocean for some dreamy, restful, balmy days and evenings at sea, blended with just the right amount of exotic and exciting ports of call as we really experience what going away to sea should really be like, as we make our way to Mombassa and all for a very special price!

One big difference you will notice when you join us aboard these ship is that they are super comfortable with top accommodation and the food and service is as good as it gets.

Maritime Memories